The Distinguished Toastmaster

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Relax and enjoy a stress-free wedding, secure in the knowledge that a qualified toastmaster is expertly managing all the details, dealing with any last-minute hitches and ensuring your day runs like a well-oiled machine.

Distinguished Toastmaster Steve Crosswell will get to know you well in advance of the wedding so he can understand your expectations. He’ll provide any advice you need on etiquette and tradition or help arrange a more informal celebration.

And if you think all a toastmaster does is announce the toasts, think again. He’ll be front and centre right from the off, helping the ushers, ensuring your photographer gets the shots he or she wants. He’ll help with corsages and buttonholes, greet the guests and the wedding party, arrange the receiving line, help with the speeches and look after any gifts, all the while ensuring that everything is kept to time. And, if you’re looking for a recommendation, ask Peter Andre – Steve was the toastmaster at his wedding to Emily at Mamhead House, Exeter.

Friendly, smart, personable and approachable, the Distinguished Toastmaster is the consummate professional.

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